Alarming Stories

Memoirs of a security engineer

Welcome to my blog, my name is Phil and I have spent my whole career in the electronic security industry, I have been afforded unprecedented access to all types of premises during which I have witnessed or been privy to hundreds of interesting incidents, stories and anecdotes which I now intend to share through this blog.

Starting in 1976 as an apprentice installation engineer with a major UK national company, progressing to work on high security sites such as private houses, commercial and retail outlets, banks, forensic labs, government premises, military premises and bullion storage sites. Progressing from Intruder to CCTV in the early 1980’s, during this time I worked as the main contractor on the Birmingham to Euston driver only system and then as commissioning engineer on Network Southeast driver only CCTV system (one of the largest systems in Europe at the time). Later I took the roll of technical director of my own installation and maintenance company in the North of England until 2001. Following on to become managing director of a manufacturing company until 2007. I still work in the industry as managing director of a distributor Online Security Products.

I am still in the industry, having run a manufacturing company between 2002 and 2007. I am now the Managing Director of OLSP Limited t/a Online Security Products, distributing professional electronic products.

Whilst many of the stories are funny, some are more serious and some could potentially cause issues with confidentiality, hence great care has been taken to protect individuals and organisations who still exist/use the same systems today from being identified. Should any of my readers believe that one of my posts could reveal information deemed to be confidential, please contact me with details and I shall alter/delete the post as required.